We conduct our business in an ethical, transparent, and sustainable manner that reflects our company values.  On every project, regardless of size or location, we focus on protecting the health and safety of our workers, the public, and the environment.

We design our projects with the prevention of environmental and safety issues in mind. We reduce or eliminate potential risks through detailed planning, consultation, communication, and strict attention to detail.

Our Process

Pre-Project Planning

Before on-the-ground project work starts, our thorough pre-project planning process begins. We review all special conditions/features of the project site, including sensitive areas, natural habitats, as well as areas of cultural, spiritual, and/or ecological significance.

We dig into the details to understand specific environmental requirements and develop environmentally sensitive construction measures and mitigation procedures to reduce risk to these areas.

We procure all necessary permits and plans, put an appropriate emergency plan in place, and confirm all these details are communicated to and understood by all relevant stakeholders.

And we confirm that every detail in each pre-project plan complies with applicable local, provincial, and federal laws.

Site Briefing and Orientation

Our site briefing and orientation helps employees understand the full scope of our work and the safety measures we have in place to protect them while ensuring a positive project outcome.

During the briefing and orientation, we review the project area, its inhabitants, and any previous projects within the site location. We discuss our Environmental Management Plan, safety and review all applicable environmental permits and legislation pertaining to the project. We give our team and clients the details they need to know to have a positive project experience.

We also open the floor to discussion and idea-sharing during this session to see if there is a more effective way to achieve the project’s overall objectives. If a great idea comes forward, we’ll listen and incorporate it based on feasibility and client approval.

Once we wrap up the briefing and orientation, we make sure all necessary documents are available onsite, either in electronic or hard copy, for the project’s duration.

Before a foot hits the ground on our projects, we make sure everyone is prepared and understands safety as well as the goals and objectives of the work ahead.

Getting off to a great start

When the project starts, that’s when our team excels.

At Formula, we know that preventing issues is the key to successful outcomes. That’s why we conduct weekly Health, Safety, and Environmental inspections at every active job site.

During our inspections, we review the effectiveness of all environmental management plans and any control measures or mitigation procedures. We make sure all appropriate measures are in place; environmental procedures are being followed; and identify and correct any issues that arise as soon as reasonably practicable.

Post-project environmental review

Our post-project environmental review confirms that our work complies with our client’s environmental management plan requirements and the contracted scope of work.

As part of our inspection, we:

  • ensure that all temporary controls have been removed,
  • potential problem areas have been addressed,
  • site and/or client environmental requirements have been met, and much more.

Regardless of the project phase, our goal is a smooth, safe, and sustainable project experience for our employees and clients.

We guarantee a well-planed, thoroughly communicated, and expertly executed approach to environmental and safety management on every project. Our commitment to balancing the company’s sustainability, our partnering communities, and the environment that we operate in is unrelenting. This is our commitment to our clients and employees on every project.