Formula Contractors Ltd. can provide portable bridge rental structures ranging from 6.0m (20 ft) to 36.0m (120 ft).

These structures have a standard deck width of 4.3 meters (14 ft) and are designed to a 100 tonne load rating. Custom specifications can be incorporated into many rental situations. A viable option that is available to all clients is “Rental Purchase”. This can suit many client’s needs, and is an effective cost saving tool in many resource programs.

Formula stocks a selection of engineered portable bridges that can be used as temporary construction bridges or left in place longer for a more permanent crossing. These bridges start at 6.0 meters (20 feet) in length and as long as 36.0 meters (120 feet), usually 4.3 meters (14 foot) wide timber decks and loading to 100 tonnes, however heavier loading can be accommodated as required. Our sectional barge can be assembled end to end to create a light vehicle causeway up to 180 feet long.

Formula carries portable oilfield bridges in stock up to 36.0 meters (120 feet) in length that come with modular steel frame / timber deck panels. These bridge girders are easily loadable with a winch truck and off load the same way at the project site.

Portable bridge spans can be placed on temporary footings where competent ground is available and they are easily constructable in most seasons and for most access applications and requirements.

Simple abutment systems can be built to provide a good footing for temporary bridges.

Panelized decks modules are easy to load, handle and install.

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