Formula Contractors Ltd. is committed to an effective safety program that protects its workers, its property and the public from accidents.

We are COR, ISNetworld, SAFE Companies and Avetta Certified.

BCCSA COR     ISN     Safe Certified        ComplyWorks    CQN

Employees at every level are responsible and accountable for our overall safety initiatives. Complete participation by everyone, everyday, in every job is vital to ensure our working environments remain injury and accident-free.

Formula’s management team is committed to providing safe, healthy working conditions by promoting a positive attitude to toward safety within the organization. Management establishes and maintains sites and equipment to guard against both physical and health hazards, while constantly developing work procedures that support a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Superintendents and Foremen ensure that all workers and subcontractors are properly instructed on how to conduct their work safely, while actively enforcing and assessing safe work procedures and regulations on a daily basis.