Formula provides modern detailed coordination, transportation, and storage solutions for complicated projects.

We are adept at working in remote locations and under harsh conditions, supplying professional crews and specialized equipment for safe and efficient materials handling. Transportation by barge, air, or ice roads. Oversized component shipping, staging, dismantling, and cataloguing. Detailed engineering support. Manufacturer approval. Formula is always prepared to address all of our clients’ EPCM needs.

Duration: Winter 2011

Working under P&H Equipment, Formula Contractors Ltd. provided crane services for the assembly of a P&H Mine Shovel. Assembly took place at the Endako mine site 25 kilometers west of Fraser Lake, British Columbia.

Completed: October 2009
Owner: Ministry of Transportation

Removal of 140′ Acrow Bridge for the BC Ministry of Transportation – located 40 kms north of Bell II Lodge on Highway 37 N (Stewart-Cassiar Highway). Disassemble structure, catalogue components, band & palletize components, ship to Terrace, unload and inventory. Total weight of components was approx. 135,000 lbs.

Duration: Winter 2008-2009

Formula Contractors Ltd. provided the materials, crew and equipment needed to offload, inventory, and store over 5.5 million pounds of delivered structural building steel and mining components.

Duration: March to December 2007

Formula Contractors Ltd. provided equipment and expertise necessary for materials handling at the staging area of the Galore Creek Construction Project. This involved the coordination of materials flow to six companies working throughout the 175km long working area. We provided timely strategic rigging, lifting and staging of millions of pounds of equipment and supplies for air lift. During the project we assisted in the handling and dismantling of bulldozers, graders, rock trucks, excavators, service trucks, ambulances, building materials, compressed gasses, fuel, camp trailers, tunneling equipment, bridge materials, pile driving equipment, and daily camp supplies to name a few.

Duration: January 2007
Owner: Flat Iron Construction

Formula Contractors Ltd. provided an experienced crew and the equipment necessary for off loading 12 foot high curved steel girders from rail cars in the vertical position and rotating to the horizontal position and loading onto special trailers. The steel beams could not be shipped vertically due to their height once loaded onto trailers, the beams were then transported to Kicking Horse Pass bridge site.