COVID-19 Updates

We are adhering to recommendations by public health officials and the WCB, and are taking all necessary precautions to minimize the risks of COVID-19 transmission and illness to our employees and clients.

At each of our our job sites, we are ensuring that:

  • There are no more than 50 people in any common space.
  • Individuals are at least 2 metres away from one another.
  • As often as possible, any meetings are held remotely.
  • Any necessary on-site meetings are held outdoors and at safe distances.
  • We have significantly increased the number of handwashing stations located at each site.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning of all common areas and surfaces.

Additionally, we are keeping track of all employees on site each day, and insisting that anyone with COVID-19-like symptoms self-isolate at home for 14 days.

We are doing everything we can to keep our employees and clients safe during this crisis. We are continually reassessing the situation, and will follow and comply with all updates.

Information is changing quickly and can affect people far beyond one employee or within one job. The Canadian Mental Health Association has some excellent suggestions on how to respond to the growing concerns within the workplace. Follow this link to read more.

The health of our team and our community are our top priority! We want to do our part to make sure that we all get through this time of uncertainty, so we can continue to build a better world in the future. Thank you.

This is a time for respect.

Over the past two years, Formula Contractors has continued to focus our energy on managing our resources to ensure we can meet our commitments to our customers. To accomplish this, we need ALL member of our team that is well and able to work.

Although we continue to strongly encourage all our employees to consider COVID-19 vaccination, we do not currently have a mandatory vaccination policy. We do, however, deploy our people in a manner that ensures we adhere to our customers’ project protocols, including vaccination, ensuring everyone remains safe and healthy.

To accomplish this, we continuously review and improve our operational procedures to ensure we provide the best protection for our employees and safest service possible to our clients across all our commitments.

Most recently, we put our processes into practice while helping to rebuild after the devastating floods. Here, we were very successful our entire team, both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees, to complete the work safely and quickly.

As a credit to our team and their solutions-based approach to people and resource management, our business has continued uninterrupted throughout the pandemic. Our team is truly focused on building people to build projects by ensuring people feel valued, heard, and supported. As a company, we continue to believe, pandemic or no, that we can all work together to accomplish amazing things…all of us…side by side.

By working together to ensure our resources can be dispatched, without prejudice, we can continue to deliver essential services and projects that keep our country growing. We are committed to collaborating with our team members and clients to ensure we are all aligned and can meet specific project requirements and our corporate objective of steady growth throughout this pandemic.

In closing, personally, I consider this is a time when respect is of the utmost importance. We need to show compassion and caring for our friends, families, communities, and country if we are to successfully navigate these sensitive times.