Formula has the technical expertise to complete cost-effective rehabilitation and emergency repairs to existing structures.

Formula is well versed in lifecycle management of infrastructure and can provide in house engineering for quick, practical solutions to immediate repair requirements as well as provide best practices to maximize the service life of the same.

Many of Formula’s senior management have worked in an essential services industry in the past and therefore have the intuition and motivation to provide paramount service to emergencies. Combine this with a skilled workforce and a fleet of owned equipment and Formula has the resources required to offer exceptional response.

Skins Plunge Pool Dewatering and Rehab Works
Owner: Rio Tinto

Formula Contractors was contracted to install bypass pipes on the active spillway to divert water and dewater the plunge pool downstream of the spillway. Bypass piping consisted of two 1524mm diameter ID pipes with combined flow capacity of 28 m3 / second. Approximately 13,000m3 of water was pumped from the plunge pool to expose the walls and floor for engineering assessments. Formula was also responsible for installation of scaffolding towers to access the site and fish salvage. Equipment utilized consisted of a 160 ton All Terrain Crane, 1 x 10” submersible pump, 2 x 6” submersible pumps, 3 x 3” submersible pumps and generators.

Skins Lake Spillway Bridge Removal
Owner: Rio Tinto

Formula Contractors was contracted to engineer, dismantle and remove two 40’ spans of a deactivated bridge at the Skins Lake Spillway. The demolition included cutting and removing a concrete deck and pre-cast concrete girders constructed in 1941. Formula was also responsible for installing six 40’ long x 24” diameter X60 pipe braces to stabilize the existing piers. Rehabilitation work consisted of coring through the existing piers and bolting new pipe braces over Bay 1 and Bay 2 of the active spillway. Equipment utilized on this project consisted of a 270 ton All terrain crane, 10,000# telehandler and 45 ton Excavator.

Completed: August 2013
Owner: West Fraser Mills, Hinton Alberta

Renovation of the existing Erith River Bridge near Robb, Alberta included removal of the existing timber guardrail system and fabrication / installation of a new steel barrier system. The works also included concrete beam repairs and milling and paving of the existing structure.

Owner: Lakes District Maintenance (BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways)

Located on Buck Flats Road near Houston BC. Replacement of failed timber caps and hardware. Included jacking up the existing highways bridge structure and placing new bridge caps along with associated hardware. The project also included inclusion of more rip rap revetment work to prevent stream erosion of the bridge abutments.

Owner: BC Ministry of Forests

Located at Crescent Spur, BC, the project included jacking up the existing structure to change out the bearings and it also required concrete repairs which included epoxy injection and the addition of concrete cover.


Located on Highway 16 West at Fort Fraser, BC. This project required alternating highway lane closures while the bridge spans were raised with hydraulic 150 tonne jacks so the replacement of bearings could be made.


Located on Highway 97 North near Chetwynd, BC. 1,600 holes were drilled and bolted to strengthen the existing structure.