Completed: Spring 2012
Owner: Thompson Creek Metals
Value: $40,000,000

Team constructed and managed the development of a 50,000 ton/day Moly Mine in Northern BC. Work was constructed over a 3.5 year time frame and involved the movement of over 500,000 BCM using 30 to 60 ton trucks. Work also the fusing and installation of tailings pipelines, firewater, process and potable water systems, tanks pads, gravel crushing. Work was completed over a 3.5 year time frame. Additional services including estimating, workface planning, producing earned value reports against planned work, produced weekly progress reports. Engineered area land-bridge, reclaim tunnel and freshwater pipeline. Developed and managed constructability reviews, intergrated construction contractor with civil management team.

Completed: Fall 2007
Owner: Suncor Energy
Value: $65,000,000

Team managed and delivered the construction of a 2.1 km asphalt paved runway and taxiways including a 7.5 km access road. Total material moved was approximately 3,000,000 BCM. Exceeded all stakeholder expectations for a project that served as a vital link for workers flying to the project site. Developed excavation and fill program using a flat of triple 7 mining trucks, developed site dewatering and sediment control program. Project was completed in 10 months working two shifts utilizing up to 80 pieces of earthwork moving equipment, which included scrapers, dozers up to D10, trucks up to triple 7 capacity and tracked excavators to match.

Completed: October 2014
Owner: Teck Coal Ltd.
Value: $17,800,000

Team installed two HDPE doubled lined sediment ponds, a HDPE lined intake earthened structure, concrete diversion & intake structuresand 36” HDPE collector and diversion pipelines.

Completed: October 2015
Owner: Teck Coal Ltd.
Value: $2,000,000

Managed the construction of a sedimentation pond for Teck’s West Line Creek water treatment facility. This included bulk earthworks for the pond grade and the installation of concrete structures, pipelines & HDPE liner.